Message from Chef Bud

Note to Sizzlin Sauces fans. The new blog is supposed to be about me, what my thoughts are, ideas and suggestions. However after giving careful thought to what the content should consist of I quickly realized that “Facebook and Twitter,” is not really about me, it is about all of you as well. It is about all of the Hot Sauce Fans out there, all of the Hot Pepper Fans, all of you who Yearn for the Burn! We would like to make this blog about every thing and anything dealing with Hot Stuff. We want to post your stories about growing the Hottest of the Hot Peppers: Bhut Jolokia also called Naga Jolokia, and the Ghost Pepper, Red Savina Habanero, or any other hot varieties of peppers. We are also looking for Recipes, Pictures, Hot Sauce Favorites, or just general Hot Stuff conversations. So please send us your comments, thoughts, suggestions on topics or whatever Hot Stuff that puts some Sizzle into your life. Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Building a Reputation 1 Bottle at a Time

Sauces That Sizzle

Yearn for the Burn

Chef Bud

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6 Responses to “Message from Chef Bud”

  1. foodnearsnellville Says:


    I saw a view come from this site, and I have to thank you for the link off the side bar. The Guam boonie pepper isn’t a terribly hot pepper it turns out, running about 3500-4500 on the Scoville scale. I will note that Mike Miller of Benny’s Bar and Grill, one of the best restaurants in my neighborhood, is a firm believer in using the hottest pepper you can find in cooking. His idea is you add the heat first, and dilute with components that add flavor. The hotter the pepper, the more flavor you can pack into the final product.


  2. Hello Fns

    Thanks for your comment and you’re welcome for the link. I too also believe the hotter the better and build the flavors from there. We have actually won 20 national awards for our sauces based upon that formula. Watch for our products at the Fiery Food Challenge next weekend in Fort Worth Texas and the Scovies early October in Albuquerque New Mexico.

    Yearn for the Burn

    Chef Bud

  3. Hello Bud
    Love the blog
    Let me know if you would like to be listed on our directory at


  4. I Love it- Yearn for the Burn!

    I’d like to suggest you review a different hot sauce each month and rate on a number

  5. Hello Bud. Thanks for recognizing the food lovers from facebook and twitter. I would say I am one of them.

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