Rockin Filo Cups

This is a great recipe I came up with when

I was doing a live Demo at a show

Chef Bud’s Homemade Salsa
1 can Diced tomatoes in juice(drained)
6 ripe plum tomatoes
1 can tomato puree
1 medium size onion – fine dice
3 cups V-8(may use Spicy)
1 green pepper diced fine
1 red pepper diced fine
2 fresh jalapeños
Juice of three limes
1 small bunch Fresh Cilantro
1 Bunch Scallions sliced thin
1 Tbl Kosher Salt
Spittin Fire™ or XXX to taste

Drain diced tomatoes
small dice everything else (Tomatoes, Peppers, Onions, Jalapeños)
Mix everything together in a mixing bowl
Place in a container and refrigerate overnight to blend flavors

Chef Buds Pork Tenderloin Appetizer
Rockin Filo Cups
1 1# Pork tenderloin (this will make enough for about 150 Filo Cups) (You may use Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Shrimp, etc.)
1 Tbl Creepin Quag Hot Sauce
1/2 cup Dijon Mustard
1/2 cup Honey
2 Cloves Garlic
1 Tbl White Balsamic Vinegar
4 Sprigs Fresh Rosemary
1 Qt Fresh Salsa or you may use a prepared salsa – recipe listed here
1 cup Lime Cilantro Sour Cream – recipe listed here
4 packages of Mini Filo Cups
(Available in the frozen food section at your local supermarket) Athens is the manufacturer, Now when your planning your holiday party keep in mind, if you are having a dinner party and you want some stuff beforehand then you would want to plan for 3-4 pieces per person. If you are just throwing a cocktail party then you would probably want 6-8 pieces of the Filo per person along with other items. Depends on length of party and just what you’re lookin for!

Rub the Pork Tenderloin with the Hot Sauce
Mix together the vinegar, mustard, and honey
Put the tenderloin into a large zip lock baggie, and the honey mixture and coat the tenderloin.
Mince the garlic, rough chop the fresh rosemary
Add to the bag with the pork and coat well.
Refrigerate at least 12 hours
Place marinated Pork Tender Loin onto a preheated grill
Cook until you have reached an internal temperature of 145
After you have reached an internal temperature of 145, cut tenderloin into 4 equal sections
This will facilitate the cooling process as well as giving you the opportunity to freeze portions for later use.
Cool the tenderloin in the refrigerator. When cool cube into 1/4 pieces. Now all of this pre work may be done a day ahead so when it’s time for your party you may easily make the cups
Place filo cups on a serving tray, add a teaspoon of Salsa, then a piece of cubed pork
Lastly top with a swirl of the Cilantro Sour Cream

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    A definite great read..Tony Brown

  2. Thats very good to know… thanks

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