Makin some Hot Sauce

Swamped with orders the past few days and have been makin sauces every night this week. While I have been busy doin the sauce thing, it gave me some time to think about sauces in general. A lot of folks say to me all the time ” Well I really don’t like Hot Sauces, its too spicy”. Well I always say to those folks that make these kind of comments. “Gee have you ever cooked with Hot Sauces?” As with anything involving cooking, Hot sauces used in moderation as part of the cooking process, really do add at whole lot of flavor and not a whole lot of heat unless that’s what you’re looking for! One can add Hot Sauces at the end to pack a punch, however if you take about a tablespoon of Hot Sauce and use it as a wet rub on Chicken, Beef or Pork, then season the meat as you normally would with salt n pepper or whatever, then cook the meat to the proper temperature, you will find  the sauce adds a little zip with a very nice flavor! Take a look at some of the recipes listed here

I would be very interested in Your thoughts on this Hot subject!

As always:

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Chef Bud

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