Dennis Boyle Winner of the Monday Night Mayhem Sizzlin Contest

Thank you Dennis and congratulations on Winning the THQ Smakedown vs. Raw 2010 Playstation 3. Great job on the review listed below.

The sauce that I sampled was the Papa Jack’s Buffalo Hot SauceAccording to their site, it was specially designed for Grilled Beef, but will go well with anything.

I first tasted the sauce straight out of the bottle. At first, when you open the bottle, the smell hits you. It is a garlic-cy/vinegar-y smell, which is actually better than it may sound.

When I tasted it, there honestly wasn’t much flavor to speak of. After about 5 seconds the peppery heat kicks in, it’s not mega hot… but you can feel it. I needed another taste, the second time, the actual flavor of the sauce was more prevalent. It’s hard to explain, it’s certainly not bad, but odd. I tasted what seemed like a hundred spices, peppers, and flavors.

I was interested, I already had grilled chicken with Onion-Garlic Bearnaise sauce in mind for dinner so I decided that I would integrate it into that.
I first added 3 drops to about 2 tablespoons of my sauce and a bite of chicken. The flavor of the hot sauce immediately was obvious, and it blended with the flavor of my bearnaisse sauce seamlessly and added a really good kick to it. I added 16 drops to the whole saucepan full of sauce.

Honestly, by itself at first I didn’t really like the sauce per se. But once I mixed it in with a recipe the flavors stuck out and mixed well and I quite enjoyed it that way.

My final analysis is that this sauce packs a kick that is JUST peppery enough to please people who love hot stuff, and JUST not peppery enough for someone who doesn’t like hot stuff to give it a try. It is well used as an add-on to recipes. I would actually recommend giving it a try to anyone who hasn’t. I will continue to use my bottle by integrating it into some of my other dishes, as It may or may not improve the flavors of those as well, but it is definately worth the try.


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