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Thank you SO much for the 4 bottles of award-winning Sizzlin’ Sauces I received last week. I have written about the story of how I received your bottles, and my thoughts on your products (all delicious!).

I’d like to share the post with you:

Can you tell me if you sell your sauces in Texas?

Thank you again!


Tears are one of the human body’s most expressive reactions. They represent emotion and the body’s chemical response to phyical and psychological triggers. There are sad tears, there are happy tears, and then, there are the tears that stream down your face but you’re loving every minute of it. These tears are the result of your tastebuds and sinuses coming in contact with capsaicin–according to Wikipedia, the active component of chili peppers– basically, the tears that come from tasting something spicy. Over the years, after growing up on the border in El Paso where everything is a little zestier, and after being exposed to all kinds of salsas in the cultural hub of Austin, I have come to treat spicy foods as my release after a long day, and my excuse to reach for just one more chip. The spicier the better, when it comes to my tastebuds, and I’m not satisfied until I’m crying. (Sounds extreme, but I assure you, it’s true).

This is why I wrote about my experience at the Austin Hot Sauce Festival in August in a post entitled “Sizzling Sauces”. Actually, when I wrote it, it was called “Sizzlin’ Sauces”. A “g” has since been added in response to a comment on my blog on the Hot Sauce Festival post from a man named Chef Bud Selmi who makes his own hot sauce in New Hampshire. His comment pointed out that the post title “Sizzlin’ Sauces” was identical to his trademarked company name and requested action be taken so they would not be identical. He informed me that he makes hot sauces on the East Coast, has won many awards for his recipes, and that hard work had been put into developing his business and brand.
Read more here:

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