Breaking News from Sizzlin Sauces

OK here we go this is a major and I mean major announcement from Chef Bud at SIZZLIN SAUCES LLC. We have been manufacturing our newest product for the past six weeks. We have sold out of it twice in that time period. It is not even on the market yet nor do we have a finished label! We were at the Upstate New York Gift Show, showing the product and sold all cases we brought with us with no labels!
The National release date for MOJO’S Tapenade is: March 12th when we will be at the New England Products Trade Show in Portland Maine from March 13-15, 2010! We have had people from California, Florida, and Utah and of course Buffalo New York calling, asking and sampling this product and the repose has been overwhelming, so stay tuned for more information, further updates and the National Release of Mojo’s Tapenade a Katamala Olive – Sun Dried Tomato Relish!

Chef Bud says this is great to use as a Bruschetta topping on French Bread, it is also a great accompaniment with anything coming off of the grill! Chicken, Pork, Beef, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Grilled Veggies! It also makes a fabulous Pizza Topping.

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One Response to “Breaking News from Sizzlin Sauces”

  1. Brian Mattias Says:

    Recent comment from: Brian Mattias
    Hi folks –
    After my eyes were rolling back in my head last night dipping a grilled pork chop, I just had to send y’all a note. To echo some other ‘testimonials’, your Creepin’ Quag is simply an outstanding, amazingly wonderful concoction!!! I’ve never had anything quite like it. Kudos to Chef Bud & your crew! To quote Guy Fieri, this one’s "off the hook!!" CRAZY good stuff!! Can’t wait to try some of the others I just discovered on your site here…

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