Spice up Father’s Day with these hot picks from Sizzlin Sauces

Spice up Father’s Day with these hot picks

Courtesy photo Some of the sauces in the Sizzlin Sauces line up.


Courtesy photo Some of the sauces in the Sizzlin Sauces line up.



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Father’s Day is around the corner, and the last thing Dad needs is a new tie. This year, indulge his manly man side with a hot and spicy gift from Sizzlin Sauces in Conway.

Makers of five award-winning hot sauces, Sizzlin Sauces has been spicing up plates and palettes since 2003.

Spittin Fire was our first sauce, with Spittin Fire XXX following shortly thereafter,” owner and chef Bud Selmi said. “In the fall of 2002, we had a bumper crop of about 15 pounds of habanero peppers from our garden. I made a batch of sauce, gave away a bunch to friends. Everyone loved the sauce and said, ‘You should sell this stuff,’ so I did.”

Selmi’s company also produces Creepin’ Quag, which is a fruity sauce loaded with cranberries, plums and prickly pear cactus, plus spice; Howlin’ Hollar, which includes pumpkin, passion fruit and prickly pear; and Papa Jack’s Buffalo Hot Sauce.

Selmi’s Sizzlin Sauces have won 44 awards, including national first-place awards at the Scovie Awards, the Fiery Food Challenge, the Hot Pepper Awards, America’s Best Food Events and the New England Products Trade Show.

Selmi said his best-selling sauce is the Creepin’ Quag fruity hot sauce, which is also the one with the most national awards. It’s his personal favorite.

Next up for Sizzlin Sauces are Chili Sweet Sensation and Key Lime-Mango-Pomegranate Hot Sauce for Wings.

Selmi said the Chili Sweet Sensation is his second favorite, and that it tested well among patrons at the Margarita Grill restaurant in Glen.

Two relishes, Mojo’ Tapenade and Razing Cane Garlic Relish, complete the lineup of products Selmi makes, but the Sizzlin Sauces Web site at www.sizzlinsauces.com offers other great gourmet items for sauce and spice lovers, including mustards from the Dave’s Insanity line.

Some of those other products are included in the Web site’s lineup of gift baskets and gift sets, all sure to evoke a big grin from any dad who loves hot stuff.

But Selmi said the best value for a Father’s Day gift is a membership in the Hot Sauce of the Month Club. The club is available for three, six or 12 months, and the 12-month club includes a free 13th month – the Baker’s Dozen – and all club memberships have free shipping.

The club includes two bottles of gourmet hot sauce each month, and starts at $56.85 for the three-month membership.

In addition to the Web site, Sizzlin Sauces are sold at Brookdale Fruit Farm in Hollis and Paulie’s Butcher Shop in Derry.

For more information about hot peppers, hot sauces and great recipes, check out Selmi’s blog at https://chefbudsblog.wordpress.com/.


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